1. Robin,

    I saw where you agreed with my post on Missioscapes. Even though we have disagreed on many things over the years, perhaps the reason that we are now agreeing on the GCR is because in many ways, we were disagreeing on something that be both violently agreed on – the primacy of the local church. That is probably why our discussions became so intense and likely fueled a lot of the response that we are seeing now. However, I am increasingly frustrated with the parachurch nature of SBC life and how if you are going to participate in the SBC, it is almost always through a bureaucratic structure instead of through your local church, that you are to be in convenant community with.

    I have even found myself agreeing with Bart Barber more and more as I read his stuff. Or, maybe he is agreeing with me. 🙂

    Good grief, if SBCToday and the old SBCOutpost can agree on the problems that we see with the GCR, the end of days might be near! Or, maybe we have both learned enough over the past few years to know what really needs to be done and we all love the SBC (and her churches) enough to pray that it happens – radical renewal on the local church level.

    Anyway, good to see your words, brother. I have not been reading blogs much over the past year or so, but I miss our discussions. They always sharpened me and kept me on my toes. May God richly bless you as you serve Him and His people!

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