Posted by: Robin Foster | May 29, 2018

The Future of the SBC and Her Presidency

Below is an article from the newsletter I produced for the month of June:

In June, Southern Baptists will meet in Dallas for her annual convention. It is believed this will be the biggest convention since the one in Orlando back in 2010.  This is good because it shows that many are interested in the Convention.  But, I also believe another reason for the increased numbers will be the election for president of the SBC.  The position of president is important because he appoints the nominating committee which will nominate the trustees for the entities of the SBC.  In light of this, I have friends who are supporting either Dr. J. D. Greear or Dr. Kenneth Hemphill. I believe both men have been instrumental in Kingdom work and are honorable. They both have been tremendous assets to the SBC.  Below are some of my thoughts concerning the greatest needs of the SBC.

  1. We need a president who can bring together the best of a diverse group of men and women in forging the SBC to accomplish the Great Commission.
  2. We need a president who speaks of the strategic importance of local associations in partnership with the national and state conventions. In my short tenure here, I see a great need (especially in rural areas) for continuing training and support of local churches and pastors that can be accomplished through cooperative efforts in the local association. We need a president who has had experience in this and can help the local association find her strategic relevance to the church.
  3. We need a president that will bring a greater focus on cooperative efforts in evangelism to the local church. One area I have on my heart is evangelism. I am proud of the work our association has done in this area and we need to continue our efforts, but the SBC at the national level has had little to do with cooperative efforts in evangelism.  This I believe has hurt the Kingdom work of the local church and we have now seen the lowest rate of baptisms in 70 years.
  4. We need a president who sees the need for continued church planting and also a renewed push for revitalization of local churches. For this man, it is not an either/or proposition, but a both/and vision for the future of the SBC. I, having been a church planter in the past, have seen the great need for new works, but I have also seen a great need for existing churches to be revitalized.
  5. We need a president who will champion Cooperative Program giving. This man must support the autonomy of each church in the SBC knowing she can give missions money as she pleases. But, he must also be one who has seen upfront and personal how CP giving impacts the Kingdom.  He must focus on the CP as being the default mechanism of missions support both nationally and abroad.

Only God knows what will happen in Dallas, but whatever may happen we know that the headquarters of the SBC will never be at a convention meeting, Nashville, or Dallas.  The headquarters of the SBC is the local church and we must pursue Christ’s marching orders of making disciples.


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