Posted by: Robin Foster | July 18, 2013

When And How To Criticize

I have been blessed with may insightful areas from my own leadership experience (and yes, past blogging experience), but these have become very helpful as others have looked and been critical of my leadership:

When I don’t understand or disagree with a decision someone in leadership has made, I need to:

1. Take a moment to step back from the situation.
2. Realize that I have not been given the responsibility of the person with which I disagree and I definitely don’t have their perspective and information on the situation. Seek to understand.
3. Understand that the enemy is satan and not my brother or sister in Christ.
4. Is the disagreement worth exploring further? In other words, does it matter to the Kingdom?
5. Pray for that person.
6. If the Lord leads me to confront that person, I need to do so with respect and humbleness with the goal of building up and not tearing down. Never publicly embarrass them.
7. Biblical love is the means by which we are to live. If I am feeling anger or hatred, I must deal with myself before I worry about others.
8. Ultimately God is their judge and my judge. Keep that perspective and know that one day we will have to account for our actions or lack of actions.


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