Posted by: Robin Foster | May 2, 2010

An Evangelical Conservationist Perspective

While I have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Russell Moore on a couple of occasions, I have understood him more in his writings and preaching.  A native of Mississippi, he is concerned about the millions of gallons of raw crude oil that is about to hit the gulf shores because of the recent oil rig explosion in the Gulf waters.  In this essay he states that Christians should be in the lead concerning matters of conservationism.  Below is what I believe to be the money quote from the essay.

God gave his image-bearing humanity dominion over the natural creation (Gen. 1:28). But this isn’t a pharaoh-like dominion; it’s a Christ-like dominion. Humans aren’t made of ether; we’re made of Spirit-enlivened mud. We come from the earth, and we must receive from the earth what we need to survive, in the form of light from the sun, oxygen from plants, and food from the ground.


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