Posted by: Robin Foster | December 9, 2009

Bummed Out But Remaining Vigilant

I weighed myself yesterday and was disappointed. In approx 3 weeks, I have only lost 2 pounds. Altogether since October 1, I have dropped 26 lbs. Yet, I have been able to wear a sports coat I haven’t worn comfortable in 4 years and I am in a pair of pants I haven’t worn in over five years that I couldn’t put on three weeks ago.

I spoke to our church secretary and my wife (two different people) about it and they both were very encouraging in that they have noticed that I have continued to get skinnier. Many in church have noticed also. I work out an hour each day alternating between my elliptical and resistance training. I still follow my journaling at My waist has gotten tremendously smaller. Yet, only 2 measly pounds!!!!! The only thing I can link it to is the fact that I have added some muscle. When clothes feel looser than they did three weeks ago, that can be the only thing to which I can attribute it. I guess the disappointment was that I was expecting more because everything was feeling tremendously looser.

These are the hard months. Honestly, I have not been faithful everyday. I decided that I would not go overboard during this time and I would make wise choices, yet still enjoy some of my favorites during this season. I have committed to stay away from egg nog and pecan pie (not worth the calories even though I love them both). The turkey I eat will be white meat w/o the skin and plenty of vegetables. I have indulged in pumpkin pie (only one slice per sitting and not everyday) and a Christmas cookie or two. I have also looked at my calender to see what events were coming up so that I could plan out where I could have a little wiggle room. For example, last night was the associational Christmas banquet. I knew that Joseph’s (a regional bbq fav) would cater so I held off during the day and curbed some other events so that I could enjoy a bit more at the event. I decided I would not eat the potato salad or coleslaw, but would enjoy some tabouli, baked beans, and brisket. In the past I would have scarfed down the other items also believing I had enough faith to move that mountain of food! I did indulge, but not like I would have in the past. My goal during the holiday season is to not lose ground by gaining, but drop a few more pounds and remain vigilant in my workouts and food journaling. I don’t want to begin the New Year by having to regain ground I have already won. I am taking the same philosophy George C. Scott said in Patton, “I don’t believe in paying for the same real estate twice.”

In January I will have 1oo more pounds to go to my goal. I want to achieve that by Sept 30, 2010. That way I can engage the holidays next year with a “maintaining” attitude towards my fitness and not make another New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

Okay, I am no longer bummed out. May the Lord strengthen me and all of you who are fighting the same battles.


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