Posted by: Robin Foster | November 18, 2009

Jesus Was Not A Sodomite

This article tells of the Church of the Foothills sponsoring the play “Corpus Christi” which portrays Jesus and his disciples as sodomites. What was surprising about the whole incident was the number of emails, calls, and protesters reported from the article:

Pastor Michael Holland said about 20 e-mails, about the same number of telephone calls, including one Saturday from a man claiming to be a priest from Ireland, and four or five letters denounced the performance.

Outside the church, before the play was to start shortly after 7 p.m., Todd Jernigan, a construction worker from Tustin, joined about three other protesters, calling what was taking place inside an “abomination.”

WHAT????? Twenty emails and calls, four or five letters, four protesters? Is that all? First, I thank those who responded and took a stand for Jesus, but, if the report gives accurate numbers, where were God’s people from the community churches surrounding this place of disgrace? There should have been thousands from surrounding churches outside correcting the salacious and sinful actions of that church and their pastor.

Another abomination was the rationale behind the pastor’s justification about the play and sodomy:

“Jesus was about love and inclusion and affirming people as children of God, and that’s what we’re doing tonight,” he said, adding that the publicity preceding the performance had been a mixed blessing.

Jesus was not about inclusion that allowed a person’s sin to be accepted by a Holy and Just God. Jesus died so that we could be forgiven of our sin, not continue in it. Nor is it a proper interpretation to say that Jesus was only against homo-erotic acts that were not part of a person’s natural affections. Needless to say, the Christian community needs to excommunicate churches and pastors like these who give an aberrant view of our Lord and Savior and what is expected of those who call themselves followers of Christ.
Yet, at the same time, we need to be firm and loving in helping those who are dealing with this temptation in their lives. Love is not shown by misguiding people to abominable views of the 21st century. It is shown by guiding them to the Christ of the Bible who died for their sins so that they would be free of them to live a life that leads to righteousness.


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