Posted by: Robin Foster | March 25, 2009

During Times Like These, Grace

Below is my monthly newsletter article to members of Immanuel Baptist Church. I pray that it is a blessing to all.

Economic times are the worst since the Great Depression or at least that is what is being touted on the television. While I agree that the economy is challenging and tough, the question that looms in my mind is, \”What should the response of a disciple of Christ be?\”

Some in our church have lost their jobs by being laid off. Others are having their hours cut back. Yes, for my brothers and sisters in those situations, times are the worst that they have experienced in their life. Yet, God\’s word gives us hope. Times were tough for the Christians that Peter was writing to in his first epistle. They were also facing loss of income and even worse, loss of life because of their faith. Still, Peter sought to encourage them by pointing them back to their salvation. He did not want them to get discouraged in their present situation, but reflect on what the prophets before them saw, yet did not experience. The Messiah had come and delivered grace through the cross. Their sins were no longer stumbling blocks to their eternal destiny. Things of this world were but a pittance compared to eternal glories that awaited the followers of the One who suffered for them.

Today, while people will lose their jobs and possibly their house and belongings, we as followers of Jesus will never lose the most precious thing given to us, the salvation of our souls. Remember, if God is God (and He is), then who or what can be against us? It is my prayer and hope that Immanuel Baptist Church will support our fellow believers as the tough economic times affect us all. But still, I pray and hope more fervently that these times will cause us to better appreciate the grace that has come to us.


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