Posted by: Robin Foster | January 23, 2009

Leaving Your Mark

It is newsletter time at Immanuel. I thought I would share my thoughts this month to the fair people of Immanuel Baptist Church with the blogging world.

In an episode of Little House on the Prairie, Charles Ingalls (the father) is making high quality tables and selling them in a near by city. A friend of his, who is helping him in this endeavor, dies of a heart attack. Charles begins to take account of his life and feels he needs to make his mark on the world. A business arrangement later, Charles is making that table in the big city full time. He feels that he can become a great craftsman and leave his mark that way. As his table gains popularity, a businessman buys one of Charles tables and begins to mass-produce it at a cheaper price. This puts Charles out of business and his opportunity to leave his mark is stolen.

All of us desire to leave something behind to be remembered. Unfortunately, as generations come and go, gravestones will become unkept and future generations will not know our names or who we were. This, of course, does not mean we fail to do our present responsibilities of loving our families and friends. Marks can be left that way, but as Charles Ingalls found out, other marks will take our place.

Even though Paul left a mark in his church planting and letter writing, he never sought to leave any mark of his own, but to only glorify Christ. He knew this world was passing, but he also knew of a Savior that would never pass. So Paul focused on that everlasting mark, the mark of forgiveness, mercy, and grace. If one reads the epistles of Paul carefully, it was not his mark that he left; yes he did leave a mark, but the mark of Jesus was foremost in his life.

What mark are you leaving behind? Is it one that has family and friends focusing on you or is it one, like Paul, which points to the Savior who deserves our utmost? When you leave, will people remember you for what you did, or will they look to the Savior you served? Jesus is the Mark that will never fade, go out of fashion, or be forgotten. He is the everlasting mark that brings eternal life. No one can steal His mark from Him nor can anyone steal Him from you. Focus on leaving Jesus to your friends and loved ones. His love will never fade.


  1. Great post and so true! Plus I love me some Little House.

  2. Thanks Steve. I don’t get that creative that often and your words are a great encouragement to me.

    God Bless

  3. Thanks bro, that was an encouraging story and an encouraging letter…


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