Posted by: Robin Foster | January 21, 2009

There Are No Excuses

Jim Brown

In a recent interview on Fox and Friends (Sorry, unable to find the video as of yet, but to see another interview click here), Jim Brown was asked some questions concerning the inauguration of Barack Obama. For those who don’t know, Brown is considered one of the finest running backs the NFL has ever produced. This web site has listed some of his stats:

Brown played only nine seasons for the Cleveland Browns — and led the NFL in rushing eight times. He averaged 104 yards a game, a record 5.2 yards a pop. He ran for at least 100 yards in 58 of his 118 regular-season games (he never missed a game). He ran for 237 yards in a game twice, scored five touchdowns in another game and four times scored four touchdowns. He rushed for more than 1,000 yards in seven seasons, scorching opponents for 1,527 yards in one 12-game season and 1,863 in a 14-game season.

Brown also was smack dab in the middle of the civil rights movement of the fifties and sixties. In the interview on Fox and Friends, he commented that he had such leaders as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X in his own kitchen. Both men were his friends.

Concerning the election of Barack Obama, Brown was asked what today’s inauguration meant for African Americans and the opportunities for them in our country. In his response, he said , “There are no excuses.” What he was saying is that opportunities are there for African Americans who are willing to work hard to achieve. Remember, this is a man who lived through Jim Crow, the deaths of two friends who were fighting for the equal treatment of blacks in this country, and his own personal fight for that equality. Today he sees something different in America that was not available to African Americans in times past. That difference is the freedom and opportunity to succeed.

Jim Brown is in many ways what I term, “old school.” Watch the YouTube video above and you will see what I mean. But he recognizes that the “old school” which prevented blacks from succeeding is over. Today, the excuses are over.

It is my hope and prayer that we will no longer divide over the color of our skin, but that we will all be satisfied with the term “American” to describe who we are. And to take this a step further, it is my ultimate hope and prayer that those who trust Christ as their Savior can stop dividing upon the color of one’s skin, but that we can all be one as God has intended.


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  2. Robin,

    Thank you. Excellent post. And, a reminder to all of us about the opportunities our great nation afford us no matter our color or creed.

    Grace. With that, I am…



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