Posted by: Robin Foster | November 25, 2008

The Right Thing To Do.

I have taken a couple days of vacation this week.  In doing so, I have relaxed by watching a few movies.  In Gettysburg, a moving speech is given by actor Jeff Daniels.  Daniels plays Col. Joshua Chamberlain who commanded the 20th Maine on Little Round Top hill. The 20th defended the hill and after a heroic bayonet charge, they captured many of the Confederate Army.  While both sides fought bravely, it was Chamberlain’s leadership (and the fact they had the high ground) that won the day.  According to Wikipedia, Chamberlain served in 20 battles and numerous skirmishes, was cited for bravery four times, had six horses shot from under him, and was wounded six times.

I don’t know if the above speech was taken from what Chamberlain said or was gathered from his writings, but Daniels gives (in my humble estimation) an award winning performance.  In the scene, Chamberlain is talking to 120 soldier who refused to fight.  Knowing he can’t shoot them if they don’t fight, because all of them are from Maine and he would not be welcomed in his home state if he did shoot them, Chamberlain in this scene works to give the men a reason to fight.  Later it is told, in the movie, that 114 men decided to take up the fight again.

Gettysburg was truly a battle of bravery and the 20th played a key role in the Union victory.  Just a few thoughts as many of us remember this week of Thanksgiving.


  1. CB

    I hope to one day travel and spend some time there myself. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. One more thing about Chamberlain; After he was wounded one of the times you mention a field doctor said he would die of the wound.

    He did finally die from complications of the wound.

    It was fifty years later; one half century.

    Only after he had served God, raised his faimily and loved his wife devotedly. He also educated many young people and served his state as a fine governor.

    Just goes to show you we can’t die until God is finished with us.


  3. Chamberlain was a very devoted Christian and family man.

    He also fought at Cold Harbor and several other places.

    Later in life he was president of Bowdoin College and Governor of Maine.

    He was always a man of prayer and devotion.

    Knowing that about him I have spent many hours at Little Round Top and where he lead his men.

    I really believe God was with Chamberlain that day at Gettysburg. The Southern boys, by all rights, should have whupped that Yankee school teacher and taken the area, Little Round Top included. They had everything needed to win.

    Obviously, God intended all men to be free men. Gettysburg was the deciding battle of that most bloody war of which United States has ever been involved.

    58,000 men died in those three hot days in July at Gettysburg. That is more than we lost in all the time we were in Southeast Asia.

    On this Thanksgiving Day we should be thankful that in this nation all men can live as free men.

    Most of all we should be thankful that all men in all places can be free of the penalty of sin because The Son of God won the battle against sin, death, hell and the grave on another hill long ago.

    I thank God in heaven there is no Black, White, Red or Yellow at the foot of the cross.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Robin and thanks for posting about the need to free babies from a terrible death that has already taken more lives than all the wars we have fought as Americans combined.



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