Posted by: Robin Foster | November 15, 2008

Barack Obama, Pay Grades, and The Right to Life of the Unborn

My last post celebrated that the United States of America had elected her first African American President. I wanted to follow up with another post soon after that one, but because of other obligations, I was not able. Have no fear, CB Scott has written a post, plus added some great UTube videos to illustrate what he was saying. Thanks CB, I couldn’t have done any better.

While civil rights took a big jump forward on election day, it also took a greater jump backwards concerning the rights of the unborn. On inaugural day, executive orders that helped protect unborn children around the world will be reversed by our newly elected president. Federal money will be allowed to flow to abortion mills around the world.

I find it disturbing that someone who had previously said that defining when human life begins was “above my pay grade” has now reached the pay grade that allows him to define it much later for millions of innocent babies who will be slaughtered. Knowing that God will judge us all, wouldn’t it be better to be on the safe side and give the benefit of the doubt on behalf of the unborn?

This is truly a dark time for unborn who cannot speak for themselves. Federal and Supreme Court positions will be open and President-Elect Obama will choose people who are pro-abortion to fill those positions. Because of this, I will leave you with the wise words of CB Scott that reflect what my heart is feeling:

Therefore, I challenge all men and women who call themselves followers of Christ to pray with me that President-elect Obama turns from this wickedness and abomination and that he seeks the face of God as he leads this nation. Abortion is our national sin. May God change the heart of Barack Obama even before he becomes President Obama of the United States.

My celebrations have ceased, now is the time for all Christians to heed the words of CB and pray for those who are being denied the right to life.


  1. Thank you for posting this, Robin.

    I do not say that because you have mentioned me. No, that is not my reason for thanking you in this case.

    This is far bigger than my vanity at seeing my name in print.

    I thank you because we must not be a silent people about the murder of children whose only sin was to be conceived after 1973.

    Abortion is our national sin and we must not be silent. We must speak prophetically to those who govern this country.



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