Posted by: Robin Foster | October 10, 2008

So Long Dear Friend, Hello Easy Rider

We recently had to part with our 2004 Honda Odyssey. We got it as a lease in 2003. As a vehicle it is one of the best I have ever used. The only issue we had with it was the windshield defrost. During icy weather, it could not keep the front windshield from freezing up. The engine was powerful, but with the power only came 20 miles to the gallon. If you ever decide to buy a mini van, I would recommend it.

The lease had some good and bad issues. Basically, we payed what was the sticker price for the van in monthly lease payments. No interest was charged. Plus the car I traded in was upside down. So, cost wise, I saved a lot of money. That was good. The bad was the limit of only 75,000 miles and the fact we had nothing to show for 5 years of payments. I will never do another lease, but this worked for the time we drove it.

As a family, we had some great times traveling. The kids had plenty of room to spread out with plenty of cargo space. We also had room for when the grandparents came so when we went places, all of us could be together. Even though, I no longer have the monthly payment, I will miss her. BTW, I did not purchase another automobile. We are going to go on our car and truck for a while.

What I did do was sort of a renegotiation of a contract. The wife agreed and I now have a Yamaha 1300 Road Star Tour Deluxe. While I haven’t lost the full 100 lbs, I have dropped a significant amount and I am still working on the goal of a 100. So, here’s the picture. Steppen Wolf anyone?



  1. Robin,

    Congratulations are in order! What a cool machine. I can only daydream, though. My wife and I decided a few years back to ‘compromise’ my desire for a bike and get a little roadster instead. I may post it on my site. You’ve inspired me!

    Grace. With that, I am…


  2. Dear brother, ride easy! remember I do cheap funerals!
    Riding one of those things you have to be well prepared to meet the Lord.
    Nw I shall pray for you regularly….

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