Posted by: Robin Foster | September 4, 2008

The Proof is in the Pudding

The proof is in the pudding, that is if it is sugar and fat free.  😀  The picture with me in the blue shirt (upper left) was taken at the convention this past year (anyone remember the Lollipop Guild?). The lower right is a picture of me back in July when I visited FBC Dallas.  I am standing behind her pulpit.  The one with me in the gray shirt (lower left) was taken recently.  I don’t know if the comparison of these pictures show any progress, but the pants I am wearing in the bottom photo I haven’t worn for over two years and my belt has moved from the second to the fourth notch.

People keep asking if I feel better and to be honest, I do.  But, I don’t feel as well as I will when I reach my ultimate goal of 250 lbs.  That would be a reduction of 130 lbs.  It will also be the weight I was when I entered college twenty two years ago.

I am not running yet, but I am walking faster.  I have also increased my strength and muscle through resistance training.  I work out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  That way, any energy I need to burn is taken directly from fat.  Bill Phillips in his book, Body for Life, has put together an awesome system for workouts.  If you have time, check out his book.  You could probably find it in your local library.  I hope to post some more pictures just before Thanksgiving.  In the past, when making changes, I have reverted to old habits from Halloween through the New Year, so the testing will continue.  I pray that I look to God during these next months rather than my own fleshly appetites.



  1. Robin,

    Lord bless, Robin, in your attempt to deal with the stubbornness of fallen human flesh.

    By experience, I know the obstacles that look you eye-to-eye. In my mind is indelibly branded every ‘fat’ idiom imaginable. I have always–since the earliest memories as a young child–struggled with weight control.

    And, the cruelty from fallen children, made darn sure the memories were mostly hurtful ones. Always and ever I was the “fatso” ‘fatty’, ‘fat-butt’ (as well as ‘fatt-butt’s’ vulgar 1st cousin), ‘lard-belly’, ‘blubber-gut’, ‘fat-man’, ‘hey, hey, fat-boy’.

    While I can smile about it today, I do not think I ever received a valentine card in my early years in grade school that wasn’t an elephant, a hippopotamus, a pig or another plump and juicy animal. As for being chosen as team-member for sports, always the last, even if chosen at all.

    The threads I read where usually sane and thoughtful people somehow confusingly equate a person’s weight with the problem of imbibing spirits is so morally asinine, that I usually stare at the screen in shock that such pitifully inadequate discernment exists at the adult level.

    Even so, my brother, continue your journey. Know that some of us–perhaps mostly unknown to you–stand invisibly in the bleachers offering a robust round of applause.

    With that, I am…

  2. congratulations, Robin. I’ll be praying you continue to decrease as your love for Christ increases. 🙂

    I, too, struggle with this problem. Most of my struggle is with inability to do walk anymore due to some back issues. However, I have still managed to lose 3 pounds last week. I’m gonna go look up that book. selahV

  3. Robin, my husband has read this book and more. He is 68, rode in the 100-miler Big Dam Bridge twice and most recently lost 20+ pounds.
    He amazes me with his resolve to stay and maintain a healthy lifestyle and announced in my living room last night to his sons and daughters, he is more fit then any in the room, of course none could deny it.
    He has been a model for me and our family, While I’ve lost 50+ from my highest weight, I still have more to go.
    Congrats on your venture and looking forward to seeing less of you 🙂

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