Posted by: Robin Foster | September 1, 2008

Pulling Weeds

**************PLEASE NOTE WEIGHT LOSS DISCLAIMER***************
Saturday, I got up early for our monthly men’s breakfast. Luckily, where we eat has sugar free syrup, so I ordered my normal pancakes and a cup of coffee. When I got home I sat in my chair and watched a program I had recorded the night before. Afterwards I remembered the rock garden we have and the weeds that have overtaken it. During the months of June and July, my yard keeping activities dwindle and this year during August, it has been a challenge just to keep the grass at a respectable height. Well, a change of clothes and out the door I went. For two hours I pulled weeds and sprayed weed killer around the fence line. By the time I walked in the house, I could take my shirt and wring it out resulting with plenty of water (sweat).

I have found that one of the biggest helps in weight loss is to stay active. Working around the house is an excellent way to do this. Housework or yard work can create opportunities to burn more calories. Of course, I still set aside time to do my normal exercise routine. Plus, my wife likes the fact that I am not sitting in front of the T. V. all the time.

One note of caution (First review my weight loss disclaimer), when working outside in the hot sun, make sure you remain hydrated with plenty of water. From the last research I read, water is just as good as any thirst quencher that is on the market. So save your money and calories with a cool glass of water.

My rock garden now looks great again or at least as good as it did before the weeds came to over take it and I have burned a few extra calories. Take opportunities like this, your house look better, you will feel better, and you might be able to earn some brownie points with your spouse.


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