Posted by: Robin Foster | July 28, 2008

An Update on the Lifestyle Change

The busyness of summer is almost over. I spent two weeks in Fort Worth for my DMin seminars and it was totally awesome. Southern Baptists ought to consider themselves extremely blessed to know that Dr. David Allen is considered one of our own. Again, my understanding concerning the possibilities of preaching has been expanded further. Dr. Allen will have two books coming out. In the fall, he will have a commentary on Hebrews in the New American Commentary series.
If anyone is wondering, I am still losing weight. I don’t know exactly how much because we don’t have a scale in the house, but I have gone down a belt notch and even that is beginning to feel loose. It was hard at Fort Worth to stick with the change in eating habits, but I found that when I ate out, I was still able to make wise choices by sticking with salads or basic meat with vegetables. I also had help from the ladies at the Southwestern Cafeteria who would prepare for me an egg white omelet. When I say that these ladies know how to cook, trust me, they do. In the evening while ordering a salad, I would cut out any cheese and have the dressing on the side. A trick I learned at Weight Watchers was to dip my fork in the side of dressing and then get some salad. You use a fraction of the dressing plus the dressing taste is still prevalent. I normally order my favorite, Thousand Island, while not concerning myself with any fat free variety. Since I am only using a fraction, I don’t have to sacrifice taste. BTW, if you do this, the point is not to dip the dressing out, that would defeat the purpose, but to only stick it in, allowing what ever will stick to the fork remain. I don’t deny myself of any vegetables, but I keep a close eye on the starches and try to eat foods rich in fiber and protein. I have found that an excellent source of protein with muscle building amino acids can be found in fat free cottage cheese. This also helps with my calcium need. All together, I have not starved, but I am still moving in the right direction.
I have also been steady in my exercise plan. On alternating days, I switch from aerobics to resistance training. During an aerobic day, I walk two miles with intermittent bleacher runs. I read in Bill Phillips, Body for Life, that if you vary the intensity of your workout with less to more intense intervals, you burn more calories. I am also using Phillips resistance training plan. If you don’t have the book, I am sure you can order it used or buy it from a used bookstore. I don’t follow his diet plan, because I have found it hard, with my schedule, to eat six meals a day. He also includes expensive shakes in the plan which makes it less desirable. I normally sub the fat free cottage cheese to get my protein.
I hope in the next couple of weeks I can begin with some light jogging. The goal is two miles twice a week with bleachers and three miles once a week. I pray that I will be able to reach this in March of next year.
Now that I have bored you with my eating and exercising lifestyle, I will sign off for now. I find this is an avenue of accountability and I covet your prayers.
Until next time, may the Lord bless you all in what he has called you. For more meatier issues on all things SBC, check out SBC Today. I just posted there.



  1. Robin,
    Congratulations! Sounds like you have made a great start! I’ve lost 15 lbs in 2 months and working on the next 15! If we both lose enough, maybe we can enjoy a big meal together next year in Louisville. 🙂

  2. Thanks Tom. Lord willing, I will be in Louisville and I would consider it an honor to share a meal with you.

    Keep plugging way. Satan is our enemy. If he tried to enticed Jesus with a rock, there is no telling what he will try to entice us with before June of next year.

  3. Hi Robin,

    Great to hear about your success with weight loss. Sorry to know you were in town and I didn’t get a chance to come say hello :-(. Next time, let me know you are here. Will you be coming for the Baptist Distinctives Conference? I just signed up of it today, only $25 for students with early registration!


  4. Hey Robin,
    How is it going? I’m losing slower thatn I was at first, but still working on it.

    Hope you’re doing well!

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