Posted by: Robin Foster | June 24, 2008

She Said YES!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts over here. I have been pretty busy at SBC Today concerning things dealing with the SBC. I will be taking a brief break from all of that until the busyness of my upcoming seminars will slow down. But even in the midst of this busyness, I plan on taking some time here at my place to discuss my upcoming journey.

Last Spring, I went to a men’s retreat at Falls Creek. It was, IMHO the best one the BGCO had organized. One of the main attractions was the motorcycle rally. Motorcycles from all over the state converged at our state’s conference center and I was impressed. I have not driven a motorcycle since I was a teenager, so I was surprisingly caught by the bug to jump on one again. BTW, that was not all that was done at the men’s conference. Several speakers did a great job in sharing the gospel and leading men in having a closer relationship with Christ. If you did not go this year, I highly suggest you get your men’s ministry together for next year’s conference.

When I got home I went to a couple of motorcycle dealerships in Stillwater to see how much one would cost. I first dropped by the Harley store and quickly left as they were way out of my price range. I next went to a Yamaha dealership and found them to be 50%-60% less expensive with more bike. The same at Kawasaki and Honda. One thing that caught my attention as I was sitting on the bikes, I sensed that I looked a bit ridiculous. Call it the dun-lap disease, love handles, or just being fat, I did not look good on a bike. When I see someone on a bike that is a bit portly, I think of oil and water. It don’t mix. I wasn’t mixin’ with what I was doing.

After this, other events began to happen which caused me to look at where I am. A very dear pastor friend of mine had a “heart scare.” He is about my size, maybe smaller, but it opened my eyes to what the future, possibly near, had in store for me. I also had gall bladder surgery back in January that I can only attest to my obesity.

WIth these events, I started to think seriously about dropping a load or two from my body frame. I also had the strong conviction that God was not pleased with how I had let myself go. At one time in my life I could run five miles, squat 500 lbs, and bench nearly 350 lbs. Today, I live in sin.

I have also been inspired by another blogger who has been open about his recent weight loss (though not nearly what I will have to lose) and participation in a bike run across Oklahoma. While him and I probably disagree on some things SBC, I applaud his efforts and the discipline he has shown in these recent months. I also laugh at some of his more humorous pictures.

So, what does the title of my post have to do with what I have written thus far. Since February I have been working out on my Bow Flex and on alternative days doing cardiovascular on an elliptical machine. Today, I decided to walk briskly on the track for about a mile and climb some bleachers. I know, its not five miles, but for now it will do. While exercising these last few months, I have not really adjusted my eating habits. Before the convention I asked my wife if I lost 100 lbs, could I buy a motorcycle. She did not give me an answer. Her response was why would I want you to do something healthy just to go and kill myself on one of those things? This morning, I asked her again and she said “YES!”

Yes, I know this sounds cheesy and materialistic. Yes it does seem that I will be losing weight in order to purchase a bike. But that is not the case. Frankly, I can purchase one without losing the weight. This has been on my heart for awhile and recent events have moved me to make changes. In the end, I may not buy a bike, we will cross that bridge when we get there (who am I kiddin’, of course I will 😀 ), but the focus is to love Jesus more in my personal life. It really boils down to this for me, do I love him more than myself. For this segment of my life, it is time for this faith to get feet and walk or maybe ride. I covet your prayers.



  1. Robin,

    Been there, Done That when I was 40 year old. Was a Biker for Jesus Christ and they were some of the best time in my life, Sold my last GoldWing before moving to Texas, Sure wish I had kept it. GoldWings are for Big Men and I like the # wheel one Best. My wife always called us the Over the Hill Gang.

    Wayne Smith

  2. Robin,
    When you get it enjoy it, and drive/ride safely.

  3. Robin,

    Sounds like a great challenge… My son and I have a couple of Honda dirt bikes,…and they are a lot of fun. Just be careful. After a fell a couple of times I discovered that at my age it pays to go a little slower! Still a lot of fun though 🙂


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