Posted by: Robin Foster | March 5, 2008

The Vortex of Apple and an Apology

First, let me start by saying that I am sorry I haven’t blogged here in forever.  Between family, ministry, school and SBC Today I have been pretty busy.  I don’t know if I will blog much from this site, but I have left it open to the faithful few who humble me by reading what I put up.

Now to the vortex of Apple computers.  In January I felt a need for a smaller laptop that would provide for my many needs.  After looking around, I got a mac.  As Bart Barber told me, “another convert.”  I have loved my mac.  It is more stable than any PC I have owned.  A major plus was that I would be able to run all my computer PC Bible programs I have accumulated over the years and that I still use in my study of the Word.  The best of both worlds. But the vortex of Apple is powerful.  I have now purchased an iPhone.  Since Saturday I have sent over 50 email messages on the thing.  It is so powerful and versatile, I wonder how I got along without it.  Might I recommend it to anyone that gets some extra cash.  It has enhanced my ministry and my connection with others.  But beware, the vortex is powerful.  I have known strong souls fall into the valley of jubilation. 🙂 


  1. great…something else I have no clue about in technology. how much is this iPhone?

  2. 😀

  3. Strong they ways of the Dark Side are. Constrain you they will. Blinded will you be to the truth that around you is. Confused you will be when one who sent to rescue is and the truth he speaks.

    Those who into the vortex have not fallen…Away from this path you must turn. Deceived do not be.

    Those who into the vortex have fallen. Pray for you we must. Counsel you we will. If freedom you seek, help we will provide.

  4. You bet. Now I can go without having to print maps before hand.

  5. Isn’t the Maps application cool?


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