Posted by: Robin Foster | January 11, 2008

The Mohler Candidacy and Don Hinkle

Back in June, I had the opportunity to meet Don Hinkle.  While I did not know much about him, he seemed like a reasonable man who understood the issues facing the SBC.  Since that time, I have enjoyed reading his articles on Thoughts and Adventures.
Today, he has posted an article dealing with the recent announcement of Dr. Mohler’s candidacy for president of the SBC.  In it he states some rebuttals to those who object to Dr. Mohler (a sitting SBC seminary president) becoming president of the SBC.  In particular, he states this:

Some object to a Mohler presidency because he is the president of an SBC agency. So what? The SBC has looked to its seminaries in the past for denominational leadership. Several seminary presidents have served as SBC president. To suggest that there is some kind of conflict of interest is baseless and implies our current agency leaders – and especially the 80-plus-member SBC Executive Committee that oversees Cooperative Program allocations – are inept. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What Bro. Don points out has been the modus operandi from some of the reformers.  Make statements that either question the intelligence or integrity of your opponents.  One can do this by either stating that the professors of a seminary who sign both the abstract of principles and the BF&M are “pretending they adhere to the BFM 2000” or insinuating that trustees are duplicitous in their behavior  between open and closed door sessions. (Just to show a couple)

As June approaches and other candidates vie for the presidency, we should be careful of the information that is used to either endorse or unfairly denounce someone for the presidency of the SBC.

The bottom line is this, Dr. Mohler’s tract record shows us that he has the leadership capability, the intellectual prowess, and a passion in reaching the world for Christ.  These ingredients will do the SBC well in selecting her next president.



  1. I have no problem with Dr. Mohler. I’d like to see a 5-point Calvinist become SBC president. 🙂


  2. It was a conflict of interest in the past. It will be if Dr. Mohler gets elected. In one respect we, as Believers, are no different from the secular. We seem not to learn from history.

    Some people play to the grandstand. Don Hinkle may be one of them.


  3. C.B.

    How was it a conflict of interest in the past?

  4. Brother CB,

    You say; “We seem not to learn from history.” What is there in our history that should give us concern about electing an entity Pres. for the SBC Pres?


  5. Tim,

    E.Y. Mullins is a great example from history for the SBC to follow.


    Ron P.

  6. Robin and Tim,

    A younger cb would just go right into this and let all the chips fall where the may.

    Due to situations in the SBC right now I am not going to answer you in this comment thread for two primary reasons. (There are some secondary reasons also.)

    The primaries:
    1. As I said above the climate of the SBC at this moment.
    2. If I answer openly there are dogs out there that will use the facts I present and hurt people who, in my opinion, have been hurt enough. I say this because what I tell will be true and cannot be refuted.

    Guys, I have seen some low-down stuff lately in Blogtown and I am not going to help it along. I hope you understand that. It is not fear or lack of knowledge. It is what I hope is my taking the high-ground. If you want to talk to me privately, fine. If you then reveal what I say……well…I will put a Black Mamba in the shower with you and see how fast you jump the shower stall door. 🙂


  7. cb,

    just dont put a cotton mouth in my shower. i hate those snakes.


  8. Robin, I appreciate your article concerning Don Hinkle. He is the Editor of our Missouri Baptist State Paper, “THE PATHWAY”.
    I have appreciated him since he came to the State, and started the paper.
    As for Dr. Al Mohler being nominated for President of the SBC I have no problem with that. He has done wonders through the work of the Lord at Southern Seminary.

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