Posted by: Robin Foster | January 7, 2008

The Games We Play For Political Expediency – UPDATE

Dr. Bart Barber has come out with more information concerning the giving pattern for the church Dr. Mohler attends, Highview Baptist.  As you know this whole matter came to prominence after Dr. Mohler put his hat in the ring for the up coming election of President at this years Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis.

What was so sad was the seemingly expediency for political gain that was demonstrated to discredit Dr. Mohler as a viable candidate for president.  It is a shame that Highview Baptist church and her pastor had to come forward with this information in light of what was deemed “various erroneous news reports.”

What should concern us all is when tactics such as this are used to discredit a man who has served God faithfully in the Southern Baptist Convention for years.  In the previous post linked, two other reasons outside of missions giving by Highview Baptist church were given as to why Dr. Mohler would not be a viable candidate.  I suggest that we all take a deep breath and pray before more erroneous information and faulty logic is used in disqualifying a qualified and godly man from the presidency of the SBC.


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