Posted by: Robin Foster | November 19, 2007

What I Am Thankful For

No, this will not be a confession of my schoolgirl crying tendencies after watching a movie.  This is simply about what I am thankful for.

1. My Lord and Savior who brought me from the darkness of sin to His everlasting light of Grace.

2. My wife of nearly 18 years who loves me with the little things she does.

3. My two kids who give me joy with their love.

4. My parents who taught me to be honest in all my dealings and to carry the Foster name, making it better than when I received it.

5. Immanuel Baptist Church.  This church family is unbelievable.  They love me in spite of my insufficiencies and they have a heart to reach Perkins for Christ.  It is an honor to serve as their pastor.

6. How God has provided for  me.  We live in a beautiful house with a lot of room.

7. The Southern Baptist Convention.  Yes, God has blessed me with the opportunity to participate in this fellowship that is impacting the world for Christ.

8. I am thankful for blogs.  WHAT!!!!!!  Yes, I am thankful for blogs because I have gotten to meet other people and make great friends.

9. I am thankful that Wes Kenney will forgive me for the first line of this post. 😀

May you all be blessed this Thanksgiving.  Gobble Gobble!


  1. David

    Back at ya, my friend.


    One strange thing about this post. Since putting it up, I haven’t heard from Wes. I am growing a bit worrisome.


    You’re just jealous I beat you to it. 😀


    It also has a big big yard where we can play football. Touchdown!

    I would mention the table, but knowing me you can guess what’s on it.

  2. So, would you say that it is a big, big house with lots and lots of room?

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  4. Brother Robin,

    Why do you do Wes like that?


  5. Robin,

    Wes cries like a school girl at Casablanca? We must pray for this dear brother of ours. He may need his ‘man card’ revoked!


    Thanks for the thoughtful post. AND…Fats Domino is one of my new most favorite singers…if you catch my drift (and keep it under your hat, please).


  6. robin,

    i am thankful for friends like you. hope you have a great thanksgiving.



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