Posted by: Robin Foster | November 16, 2007

Kudos for Oklahoma Baptists!

This year at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, a resolution was offered on a Great Commission Resurgence.  This is what was presented:

 We the messengers of the 2007 Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, meeting at  First Baptist Church of Moore, Oklahoma, November 12-13, 2007, affirm the  the conservative resurgence of Southern Baptists has returned us to our historic roots of commitment to the Bible as the infallible and inerrant Word of God. 

It is incumbent upon us to focus our energies and resources toward a “Great Commission Resurgence in accordance with Matthew 28:19-20.

Even though I believe the battle for the Bible will not be over until Jesus returns (the Bible must be upheld by each generation), I could still live with this resolution.  Then someone came to the mic on the stage (Don’t other state conventions have mics on the floor?) to add an amendment.  Basically it said, among other things, that we needed to stop dividing over “secondary” and “tertiary” issues.  Where have we heard that before?  A member from the resolution committee said that the amendment had nothing to do with the resolution and they rejected its addition to the resolution.  The vote came and the amendment was overwhelmingly defeated.

Kudos to Oklahoma Baptists for seeing the ecumenical slant that many are promoting in Southern Baptist life.  Kudos to Oklahoma Baptists for saying that we cherish our Baptist distinctives and refuse to relinquish them in the pragmatic spirit of ecumenical reform.  Kudos for voting against the amendment to the resolution.

Now the question remains to those who believe the future of the SBC is Doom and Gloom, “Define what you meant by secondary and tertiary?”


  1. I would imagine anything outside the Nicene Creed (though for some that too is probably “restrictive”) would be considered not a primary issue. Remember we have no creed but the bible, at least the parts that we like. Just a few thoughts….

    Bishop Joe

  2. tim,



  3. Brother Robin,

    Though I am not one of doom and gloom, I would love to take a stab at the question.

    What is meant by secondary and tertiary issues? That is easy. It is anything that I personally do not believe is a primary issue.


  4. Robin:

    I am familiar with many of your comments on many SBC-related blogs and know that when it comes to matters of denominational policies and politics you and I are polar opposites.

    That said, I am glad to see that you have resumed your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts on your previous blog and I have these unrealized fantasies about those of us who follow Christ being able to set aside our differences for the sake of fulfilling The Great Commission.




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