Posted by: Robin Foster | November 15, 2007

The Comeback Kid

Well, I don’t believe I qualify as a kid anymore, and I don’t feel that I have left anything to make a comeback, but the title sure sounds good.  It has been nearly three months since I have blogged anything on this site.  Several factors can be attributed to that, but the main two were my enrollment in the Doctor of Ministry program at Southwestern and the start of SBC Today.  The DMin program is going good and SBC Today has gone beyond any expectation that I had.

Things seem to be smoothing out and in recent weeks, I have wanted to blog on some issues that weren’t part of the scope of SBC Today.  Thanks to Wes Kenney for allowing me one post on his blog, but again it is his blog and I want to express some of my personal thoughts that are outside of what is happening at SBC Today.

So, coming soon on a monitor to you, “From The Hill” will be back with commentary from your humble blogger to tickle the fancy bone of all who love the SBC and believe that under God’s leadership, great days are ahead.

God Bless    😀


  1. Welcome back friend. I am looking forward to your insight. See you in the SWBTS library next time your in! Have a great week.

  2. Good to have you back!

  3. Glad you are back Robin – I enjoy your take, and even agree with it from time to time!


  4. Robin,

    Being in Cowboy Country maybe “Back in the Saddle Again”? (We would pray for the horse 🙂 )

    Good to have the perspective from the hill with us once again. I look forward to the blessing of the blogs!


  5. Robin,

    Hey, my brother.  Glad to see you back on top of your hill.  We look forward to some rousing posts.

    I know!  Let’s gang up on Outpost and give them what for!  Or, maybe Wade will let us come over and jaw with him a spell.  No?  All right, then.  I know who <i>will for sure welcome us:</i>

    Here you go…

    With that, I am…


  6. Brother Robin,

    Welcome back. I have missed your personal insight as I know that you have to withdraw some when you are responding on SBC Today.



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